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The Cuisine

Our Pride and Joy!

Welcome to Hotel Aquarius in Cattolica, where our cuisine is the pride and joy. Treat yourself in a wide selection of local and international specialties based on meat and fish, accompanied by fresh vegetable buffets and irresistible appetizers for lunch and dinner. Additionally, in our restaurant, you can taste typical dishes of Romagna cuisine. Get ready for a culinary experience that will excite you!

A palate-pleasing explosion of flavors...

Our restaurant hall 'Perle di Mare' has been completely renovated and air-conditioned in 2016

Our chefs are ready to delight your palate with exquisite dishes, carefully selecting high-quality ingredients. Every day, we offer a variety of flavors, with a special focus on local traditional recipes, combined with regional and Italian specialties, all tasty, healthy, and light.

Our proposal "all inclusive", one of the reasons why our guests appreciate us so much, includes the consumption of water and wine during meals, all included in the daily cost. Alternatively, you can choose a bottle from our selection of typical Romagna wines, such as the renowned Pagadebit, La Levata, Passerina, Lambrusco, alongside a choice of craft beers. We are ready to satisfy every culinary desire, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your family

A palate-pleasing explosion of flavors...
A palate-pleasing explosion of flavors...
A palate-pleasing explosion of flavors... every hour!

Delights that start in the morning and last all day.

Your day starts with a delightful breakfast, served from 8:00 to 9:30. We offer a wide selection of sweet foods such as croissants, cookies, cereals, homemade cakes, jams, and yogurt. If you prefer something savory, high-quality cheeses and cold cuts await you. And don't forget to complement everything with coffee drinks and fresh fruit.

Lunch, served from 12:30 to 14:00, provides table service with three hot first courses and three main courses. Indulge in a rich variety of seasonally prepared vegetables. We select only genuine, high-quality ingredients from specialized suppliers, ensuring the freshness and goodness of our dishes. We are committed to using local and seasonal products, pairing them with passion and simplicity.

Dinner, from 19:30 to 20:30, pampers you with table service offering three hot first courses and three main courses. You'll have the opportunity to savor an irresistible variety of seasonal vegetables and be tempted by our delicious desserts.

At our hotel, we pay special attention to the quality and authenticity of the food we serve. We aim to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience by highlighting local products and creating combinations that will captivate you. every hour! every hour! every hour!